Noise Limiters

Noise Limiters

Sunday 7th August 2016

It is vital when choosing the village hall or local social club for your event that you find out from the organiser what restrictions (if any) are in place.

I recently experienced a situation where a couple had not been told that there was a noise limiter installed in the building. The limiter was set so low - it was almost impossible for me to play the music at an audible level. Fortunately, 'with the help of some clever individuals at the wedding' we managed to work around the problem and everyone had a brilliant time.

Always ask the event manager or key holder of the facility you intend to book as many questions as possible before confirming the booking.

Here are just a few examples:

1. What is the hall capacity?
2. What are the bar licencing times?: can we bring our own drinks?
3. Are there adequate catering facilities in the kitchen?
4. What time can we get into the building and when must we leave?
5. Is there a noise limiter attached to the hall ?
6. What is it set to and how sensitive is it? : what do we do if it is activated ?
7. What are the car parking arrangements?
8. Where are the plug sockets located for the disco?
9. In the event of a problem who can we contact on the night?

I do hope this information helps