Silent Disco

Silent Disco

Saturday 8th January 2022

The silent disco is great fun - There are three channels that the DJ will play different music into and the DJ will do a great job in keeping everybody happy. As you hear the music really loud through your headphones you aren't really aware of the fact that everybody sings along, but it's great fun when you take them off and realise how everybody is. The key to a successful silent disco is to make sure the DJ you employ has selected a good variation of song choices for each channel.
I often make sure I know who will be attending the party so I can provide 3 separate playlists.
I always meet with the hosts to determine the age range of guests attending so that the music I provide is appropriate and will create a fun atmosphere.

A silent disco is a fantastic compliment to the ordinary speaker style disco. It will normally run between an hour and a half to two hours during the night.

Please contact me to find out more about how to hire this equipment.

Prices are based on the number of headphones required.