Song Editing

Song Editing

Monday 1st August 2022

I see there is a new trend emerging where the first dance is no longer a simple waltz or two step, but it is now being replaced by choreographed dance routines.

This is all well and good if it there is one song that you are dancing to, but the other week I received an assignment to create a special musical medley of songs that the bride and groom had chosen for their routine from a mix their choreographer had created.

They presented me with the CD and asked for my opinion. I politely told them that It was not good enough to use for their opening dance and I offered them my solution!

Professional Song Editing:

As a trained recording engineer I am able to edit songs or blend tracks seamlessly into each other to create the perfect ensemble for you to use. All I need is the title of the songs and the information on how you would like me to edit the songs.

The initial process is straight forward and the edit process does not take long to complete. The file can be returned to you in mp3 format within a week.

The service is charged at £60.00 per job this is for a maximum of 5 song edit choices.